Kitchens and bathrooms


Its a commonly held belief among property developers and estate agents that the two most important rooms in a home are the kitchen and the main bathroom. These two rooms can make or break a seller with a tight timescale. So, in maintaining your home, you may consider focussing on these two rooms first to make sure they stand out.

At Oak Building Services, we will happily work with you from the design and ideas stage to final completion. Over the years we have fitted virtually every known brand of kitchen and with regards to bathrooms, we have seen many fashions and styles come and go during the last three decades. However, a full refurbishment is not always needed; sometimes you can achieve a lot by making the most of what you have. A kitchen upgrade, for example, might range from a new sink, taps, worktops and perhaps a change of cabinet doors through to a complete overhaul with granite worktops and state of the art appliances. The same principle applies to a bathroom.

Having considered your budget, if it’s a full makeover you need, then we can help a lot. We have a number of clients who never believed that they could have a luxury, spacious bathroom, due to a belief that their home was too small. Until, that is, we conjured some space by knocking down a wall or two and so redesigning the space. Once the palatial bathroom lay out is established, the walls can be partially or fully-tiled, and either way, the outcome will be awesome.

Whatever you want, we are here to help. We will aim to ensure that every pound you spend counts in adding double or more to the value of your home.

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