Home maintenance

Home Maintenance

Some people (cancerians, so we’re told) love to maintain their home, keeping it pristine and up to date. Others regard it as a chore, a rude interruption to holidays and fun activities. Most people (even cancerians) just don’t have the time, what with their busy work lives and the need to spend valuable time with their family. And then there are those tricky financial decisions. What to do? The sunshine holiday to rest and relax? Or the nagging thought that the soffit, fascia and windows are rotting? The latest accessory? Or the gnawing thought that a number of rooms are looking quite shabby now?

Who was it that said: “Analysis causes paralysis.” ?

In other words, too much to do, too much to think about and in the end, nothing gets done. Even minor or routine repairs to your home get overlooked.

But the clock is ticking. With time and use, all buildings inevitably deteriorate, causing issues that may initially be trivial, but if left can lead to more serious ones. Problems with houses don’t go away; they generally tend to get worse as time progresses.

At Oak Building Services, we are here to help you with the little things, the boring but critical tasks, to keep your home in good condition. Regular attention to home maintenance will minimise the need for future repairs or major refurbishment, prevention rather than cure. And in turn, this will save you money. Small repairs are inexpensive, requiring less labour hours and material costs.

We are here to build a relationship with you and so in a friendly and positive way we can be the word in your ear: “If you don’t deal with that crack in your rendering, water can get in and…”

As we said, prevention rather than cure.

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