Floor and wall tiling


At Oak Building Services, we have come to appreciate more and more the importance of a professional tiler. We have seen more DIY disasters with tiling than in any other category of work that we carry out. And this is truly a shame because tiling plays such an important role in achieving a brilliant finish, setting the look and feel of the house.

We sometimes wonder if it was a professional tiler who first uttered the phrase:

“You wouldn’t even know where to start.” 

When tiling a wall or a floor, planning and layout is absolutely critical to avoid those nasty, niggly little slithers of tile in the corners of the wall or against the ceiling or floor. Spacing and clean lines are also important, as your eye will be drawn favourably to symmetry, and not at all favourably to a lack of it.

Design is also important and if you would like to use our experience, we can offer an opinion on colour, size of tile and texture. And whether you want the tiles ‘stacked’ (one on top of the other) or with a broken bond (like brickwork). Fashions continually vary and change, but rest assured we will help you stay current.

For a bathroom, non-porous and slip-resistant tiles have functional benefits. Neutral colours are popular and white always makes for a simple, clean and fresh appearance. Add some touches of blue with border tiles, and suddenly you are transported to a luxury spa. Lay back and enjoy.

Just let us know the theme or feel that you are looking for. Whether you are tiling the entire ground floor of your home in, say, travertine or just forming a splash-back area on your kitchen wall, our input, attention to detail and critical eye will help you, whatever the project.

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