Driveways, patios and landscaping

Relax and enjoy

It really can detract from the feel good factor if the inside of your home is ‘show home’ standard, but the outside is old and tired or even the dreaded ‘b’ word, boring. With design ideas, imagination and innovation, the exterior of your home can be regarded as a wonderful paint palette, a blank canvas, a creative space within which to dazzle the senses.

At Oak Building Services, we love laying block pave driveways, or turfing a lawn or even putting up a fence because there is instant gratification, something to stand back and look at and admire. Okay, an instant gratification that might have taken weeks of preparation, but even instant coffee needs someone to boil up the kettle!

As a builder with years of experience, we can deal with all aspects of hard landscaping including garden design, patios, driveways, paving, pergolas and decking. For additional touches we can consider water features and lighting. We also have links to colleagues who can inspire you with the soft landscaping aspect, proficient with all the Latin names for plants just to impress. We know that Latin for farmer is ‘Agricola’ but that doesn’t quite cut it. Thats why we use specialists.

As with everything we do, our emphasis is always on your needs. We focus on how you want your garden to be used so that we tailor the design to meet your specific requirements.

What we need you to do is get the sun-lounger out, lay back and revel in the finished product, which will be both beautiful and functional. But, don’t forget the suncream!

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