Decorating and refurbishments



At Oak Building Services there is nothing we love more than taking a tired old home and rejuvenating it, in short, giving it the WOW factor. As one of our customers said: 

“Thank you for taking a bit of a wreck and turning it into a palace” .

If you are looking to rent out or sell your property, a modern crisp finish will add considerable kerbside appeal and enable you to invite offers ahead of other people trying to sell their homes. Alternatively, if you are decorating for your own enjoyment, a luxurious living space is something we all deserve, to escape from the stresses of the day.

At Oak Building Services, we have good practical and creative skills. We always work carefully and pay extra attention to detail. For exterior work we apply all of our abilities alongside a good head for heights!

Over many years we have worked on numerous residential and commercial projects ranging from redecorating homes to upgrading and improving GP surgeries. Whatever your needs please invite us along so that we can assess your requirements and discuss design solutions.

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