Electrical re-wiring and central heating


At Oak Building Services, as individuals we would love to be the Jack of All Trades and Master of…………….. Everything.

But not only is this unrealistic, it is arguably against the law. Unless Jack has the intellectual capability to specialise in every area and to stay qualified in every area, and up to date with legislative changes in every area.

That’s why we use specialist qualified tradesmen in those fields where safety is absolutely paramount.

For electrical work, since 2005 all electrical installation work in a home, garden, conservatory or outbuilding must meet Part P of the latest Building Regulations. Part P states that anyone carrying out electrical installation work in a home must make sure that the work is designed and installed to protect people from fire and electric shocks.

And it may surprise you to learn that it is your responsibility to either tell your local-authority building-control about the installation work before it starts; or employ an electrician who is registered with one of the Government-approved Part P schemes. You can find full details on Part P on the Government website.

Our intention is to remove the strain from you and help you through this. For this reason, we have an established business partner .

Electrician Business Partner

In many of our projects, it might prove necessary to move a boiler, or you may even require a new boiler. If you are thinking about home improvements, if you or anyone else works on a gas appliance without being qualified, you could be putting yours and others’ lives at risk. Please stay and safe. To this end, we have an established business partner to work alongside us for any work associated with gas.

Heating Services Business Partner

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