Flexible Working


We are currently working on a fairly small bathroom in a beautiful 17th century cottage. There are sloping floors, sloping walls, low beams (A bit like a fairground fun house!)

We have managed to straighten up the walls to accommodate the rectangular straight lines of a set of shower doors. Given the size of the room in which two of us are working, all those years of gymnastic training are paying off!

Driveways are like busses



Having not done a driveway for nearly two years, we have now had two, back to back, driveways are like busses, you wait for ages and then two come along together. It’s been hard going and we’ve been have been spending some time recently doing a driveway, coming back home every evening exhausted. Roll on Christmas.


Keep Smiling



Among many other things last week, I painted a metal garage door. The chosen colour was “Banana Dream 2”.

I chuckled to myself at the possibility of it only being available in “Fyffe” litre tins, but then the customer topped me. “At least it won’t matter if any brown spots come through”, she said.

Keep smiling

Blogger blogging the blog



Following extensive research we discovered that the phrase ‘Blog’ comes from the words web log. Blog derivatives are a verb and a noun so this is the Oak Building Services blogger blogging the blog.

We will be finishing our decorating job at Strood tomorrow and will then be starting outside work in Chislehurst so will be keeping everything crossed for a spell of good weather.

First Blog

Or Maybe It Should Be:



Welcome to the first ever Oak Building Services Website Blog.

We are currently working in Strood, Rochester undertaking a lounge refurbishment for a lovely man who did actually find us through Google. HOORAY!

We are now employing a social media specialist to keep our website current and share our latest news and updates with you. We very much hope that you like this modest update to our site.

Best Regards

Gary and Dave