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In a material sense, your home is the hub of family life. It can be an open-plan, flexible platform, a living space that is a launch pad of serene enjoyment and development for your family. It can be a well-managed centre stage, a production rehearsal for the challenges of life, an entertainment centre, nay, plaza…………

Or, a scratchy little rabbit hole full of clutter and associated stress.

In truth, most of us are somewhere between the two above scenarios. But, we can help you to be more of the former and less of the latter.

At Oak Building Services, because we have seen so many projects over the years, we have developed an eye for improving the use of rooms and how they can be better partitioned. Many times after discussions with our customers, after much head scratching, we have landed on a gem of an idea, a spark of inspiration which will add value to your home. Often this will involve structural work.

Can we make it happen for you? Yes, is the simple answer. Are we experts in designing architectural plans and submitting applications to the relevant Council? No. But we know someone who is, and that is why we have an established business partner.

Architect Business Partner

Our business partner will advise you on planning permission requirements to ensure that you have the greatest chance of gaining approval. They will also obtain for you the latest building regulations. See for full details of how to comply with building and planning regulations.

Once these plans and specifications have been agreed and approved we, as your builder, can work with your architect, the architect’s plans, and local Council Building Control to ensure that once the development is complete, your home is safe, structurally sound, energy efficient and legal.